About us…

With the advent of media and all sorts of information, vibes and experience all around, a group of three Critics (self-proclaimed) dreamt of collating all they experience, all that they feel and all that they witness into a tiny corner of the web.

We call ourselves the Critilizers for we believe in what we would love to do … Critically Analyze the plethora of stimulating thoughts that come up in our minds, or that of the collective intellect of the society around us.

In our blog- The Critilizers, we would be posting about things that mean to us, the society, the media, the country, and the world. We wish this blog of ours be a hub of collective sharing of views and information and here we would like all you readers to invite yourselves because after all, you are one of the aspects of the Collective intelligence we witness all around!

Until then, Feel free to browse around and make yourselves home with a cup of coffee/tea/ or any stimulant you prefer! We hope to be an asset to your time!