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Celebrate Your Success This New Year

The New Year is around the corner. It is that of the year when everybody is busy making resolutions. To become better or to dream of something better. Without taking care of themselves. So this year let us resolve to celebrate ourselves and our successes.

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Drop dumb, Sizzle smart — RupaRao-Ruminates

What and how a prospective or current employer has access to look into your social, personal life? Tips on how to be prepared.Drop dumb, Sizzle smart — RupaRao-Ruminates Teens, tweens and adults today are blessed with easy access to amazing technology at finger tips. There are unlimited possibilities for its good use, fun use and then… Continue reading Drop dumb, Sizzle smart — RupaRao-Ruminates

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Undeterrably Determined

Dare not anyone undermine my determination Un-underminable is my undeterrable determination!! Vagaries of detrimental word Dirt from detrimental deed Ashes of detrimental event Feel a monumental quicksand Egging to doubly be more determined Undeterred by detriments being mined Determined to soar above struggle Determined to slay every hurdle Determined to fight for human right Determined… Continue reading Undeterrably Determined

The Personal Touch

An open letter to Pa in heavens on his 87th Bday

Rupa remembers the life and times of her Pa, on his 87th birthday. A soulful tribute of a daughter, exclusively on Different Truths Rumours go that you desired to marry a far off niece of the lady that married your uncle. But you went along with parents’ wishes for all kinds of sentimental reasons. Story also… Continue reading An open letter to Pa in heavens on his 87th Bday