How Are Our Cities Managing Waste?

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has brought about a behavioural change in people. But just throwing the trash in the bin is not sufficient. It is first step in the process of waste management. Metro cities in India have a waste management problem. The collected trash ends on roads and landfills. It is time for ULBs in metro cities to pull up their socks!

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Nero’s Guests Keeping The Farmers Downtrodden

The agriculture sector in India missed the bus in 1991. It has made it hard for the Indian farmer to compete in the global market. The polices adopted by global bodies, the decisions taken by the governments only make the situation worse and the media barely covers it. P Sainath likens the people involved in the process to Nero's Guests. This write up is a gist of the various facets of the agricultural distress covered in the documentary. Cover Image Source: Mint


The Wide Net of Chinese Surveillance is Shrinking

Huawei and 5G. The tools and means of global surveillance for China. That dream has come crashing down as the pandemic crashed economies around the world. The antics of Chinese diplomats crashed the goodwill it enjoyed and now ban on Chinese products is in the pipeline. The dream of controlling the world through data control is just a pipedream. Image Source: Washington Post

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The Absence of Rahul Gandhi is Aiding the Opposition

Rahul Gandhi- loved by meme creators and trollers. Disparagingly called the star performer of the ruling BJP. His foot in mouth statements often cement his perception of an immature politician. After 2019, he has taken a sabbatical of sorts. And it is working wonders for the Opposition.

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Why is The Citizenship (Amendment) Act Stoking Fire?

In the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act, protests broke out. Police action at Jamia saw it spread across the country. The police say the students are innocent. If so, who instigated the violence? Who is behind the incidents of vandalism and arson? Pic Credit: Fusion-WeRIndia