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Reached Half A Century

A couple of days ago, after publishing my latest post, Death: The Inevitable End, I reached a important milestone in my fledgling blogging journey.

My blogging journey began as a respite for me from the world of engineering. This was a period where I was trying to figure out myself. It was during this time of despair that I reconnected with my school friends. One them being a fellow blogger @thegortificator who was instrumental in me starting ‘The Crtitilizers’.

With time, blogging and writing moved beyond being just a hobby. They made me feel alive. Slowly, they morphed into becoming my passion. Combined with my interest of current affairs, politics and history I felt media would be a great field to pursue a career. This is reflected in my choice of topics I choose to write on.

My other areas of interest apart from the quagmire of politics and news are the world of sport, travel that satisfies my wanderlust and last but not the least, people. I feel my blog accurately reflects it.

Another person who has contributed immensely on this journey is my aunt @ruparao5408 who has contributed poems on a wide range of topics and written a quite a few interesting articles. Her latest being ‘Recycling The Way Grandma Did’.

Last week ,after posting my previous post I reached the milestone of having 50 followers on Critilizers. I feel grateful to all of you for following my blog and reading through the articles that have been published on it. I hope you will continue to do so.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reached Half A Century”

  1. Your journey warms my heart immensely and cannot wait to see the rest of the journey till i am around- there is so much I know is ahead in your creative and personal journey-god bless and hugs always!

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