Literature, Poetry

Corrosive Connections

An evocative poem by Rupa that explores relationships, for Different Truths.

Faced with fearsome fogs of fateful forgetfulness,

Events eventually evaporating from sanity of recall.

Days, deeds, dates dilute into darkness of disappearance,

Rush of intimacies, kinship of kindred souls amok in free fall.

High of Magical moments, memories marred for momentary madness

Waging winning war on weak souls is allure of addictions and alcohol

What is a family’s role – role of loved one,

Leading life white knuckled and in dreaded despair

Support with tough love, support in loving prayer

Support with raging and venting and tears of care

Snatch few moments of hazeless minutes to share

Only to climb back up hamster wheel in deep despair

You are depleted in energy, liking and patience

Taking care of self is the foremost step with sense’

You are lonely loving alone sitting on thorny fence

Your life is on hold for others choice lacking prescience

Yours is the duty to love you, to make you a best- friend

Body needs nutrition, soul seeks non-judgmental lens

Life’s ticking away, let no loved one block your exuberance

Guilt, shame, judgement, anger, inadequacy may pull you back

Be bold, find support of likeminded to get onto happiness track

These are true friends that’s family that understands your journey

Build yourself, no more to be isolated, conflicted, alone or lonely

©Rupa Rao

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#Poem #Corrosive #Guilt #shame #Anger #Judgement #Relationships #DifferentTruths

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