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Ethiopian End

Set out 157 from Ethiopia, flying to promised location
Terrifying crash cut short flight in a fiery destination

The journey to traverse together hours and miles
Erased lives in smoldering end smothering smiles
Itinerary bound co passengers ticketed to fly
Destiny dragged babies, elders, hopefuls to die

Family of 157 bonded in fear for a fleeting moment awhile
Knew agony of impending doom’s terror that chose to dial
Are these souls bound from an unknown past of “once-upon”
Are 157 lives in death forged forever to together be reborn?

Why cling to bag of burdensome belongings in journey
Possessions forced to shed and no value on last gurney
Unburden hurts, bitterness, pain, rage, love-less lashings
Leave to living a gift of memories, kind words, and blessings!

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