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Gear Up To Decide Your Future

In less than 24 hours, the worlds’ biggest electoral process is about to get underway. India, the world’s biggest democracy is about to elect its next government to steer the country forward in the next 5 years.

The elections are a battlefield for the political parties to prove their mettle. In this political slug fest, parties woo voters to win their allegiance. But this contest is adjudicated by the voter!

A vote is a powerful tool provided to the general public. The franchise of a citizen has the capacity to help a government stay in power. On the contrary, it has the power to topple a government as well. The vote is a way to express dissent and approval.

So my dear fellow voters, do you still believe a vote is just a press of a button that you do every 5 years? The vote is a responsibility bestowed upon the citizens to elect a government that can handle the affairs of the nation.

The argument of ‘what difference can a single vote make?’ can be put forth. A look at history puts it to rest. It shows that every single vote matters.

Every vote counts!

In early 1999, the erstwhile NDA government led by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had lost a vote of confidence by a solitary vote. Consequently, India had to face a fresh round of elections to elect a new government. The fact that the NDA came back to power is a story for another day.

On a personal note, I firmly believe that a person who does not vote does not have the right to criticise the government during its tenure. Do you agree? It is up for debate.

But importantly, get out and vote!

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