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Magical Melodies from Madness

On the brink of bursting into our personal space with their creativity, passion, talent and music, meet an upcoming, irrepressible talented duo. Their self learnt musical talent is exploding on creative horizons with magnetism, heart, story-telling and charisma. Theirs is a sweet love story with its share of struggles, angst, resistance and sweet beginnings to a new chapter.

“TimbreChords” in its infancy is currently a group of members, yet to be formalized into a proper company. Kausik reminisces and remembers where he started, his and her journey to reach “TimbreChords”.

I was just a different guy. It almost seems like talking about someone else for me, an out of body experience- That guy, before this happened to me was a completely different guy. I was a very mass-ey( from the masses) guy at heart, snobbish about my good looks, wannabe Tollywood hero, crazy dancer, 88% 5th rank type guy at studies-but always underachieving in father’s eyes. My obsessions were CINEMA and CRICKET. I was mesmerized by Hrithik Roshan and Sachin in my formative 10th grade years and wanted to be them. All the while worshipping, deriving hope and inspiration from listening to AR Rahman music.

Best part about my childhood is that I studied in a perfect boarding school setup which I reminisce to this very day. I can’t thank my parents enough for keeping me in a boarding school where I was free to express and grow myself as an individual with huge play grounds in a big “Harry Potter” kind of campus setting where I made friends for life. Only problem being in hostel meant we did not have external entertainment like TV or movies. They would show us one bhakti/Deshbhakti movie once in a month. This increased my thirst for watching movies manifold. My brother Aggu and I used to narrate stories of every movie we watched in holidays to rest of the students in the class individually for the next 3 months. Suddenly it’s a haze, my years between grade 10th and MBA, which I do not feel connected with much. Really saying I still feel I’m still stuck in my 10th class brain and only my body has aged and grown.

Kausik’s dance video from 2007:

Short film made in 2007:

There was something about AR Rahman’s music which just never satiated me. I used to feel so excited listening to his music and just did not know how and what to do to express it. I made a huge collection of each music bit he made along with bgms and listened to it continuously in my MP3 player. I tried dancing, became very good at it too, but still that inexplicable excitement asking for an artistic release was never fulfilled.I used to write music reviews, still big piece was remiss-fulfillment.

I met Bhargavi on Orkut in my MBA days. She became my best friend albeit online, she used to listen to all my girl-friend problems and would advise and console me. I met her first time in Bangalore Sri Sri Ashram-serene and angelically yogic. I could not believe that such a pure woman would even talk to a messy guy like me. She liked me!!!  I still wonder about it at times, why?

Bhargavi is a spiritual, soft, gentle, sensitive soul whose sensitivity is a double edged sword being her strength and weakness rolled into one. Through family and personal losses she learnt to question everything, she learnt the hard way that her soft mother became the backbone to uplift family at the hour of need. Her spirituality helped her to deal with some tough situations. And this is what led her to Kausik via Orkut. He was struggling to release that innate inherent god gifted miracle of music, composing, orchestrating a la AR Rehman. After his couple of failed relationships and talking about it, they got closer. After few months, When they met in Chennai he proposed Marriage in front of Hanuman.  From Nowhere a Priest appeared and gave her a Big Rose. She took it as a sign and said “Yes”!!

After a lot of drama of hiding feelings, I proposed to her in sri sri nada vaibhavam 2011 and she!!! Kausik exclaims!

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She feels-Kausik is highly energetic, extremely short tempered, Intellectual , Sensitive, Egoistic, Sincere, Very Artistic , Highly efficient, Fast paced, Smart worker, Introvert, Can be easily influenced, Follows every news, memes etc etc.,  he loves Books, Reading, Cricket, Movies, Latest gadgets, Video games. Hates socializing, Travelling, Hanging out and considers it a waste of time. Above all a very good human being who never talks ill about others nor listens to any nonsense, always transparent of his opinions and has a straight forward attitude towards life . So meet his other half-Bhargavi who is sensitive , Strong ,  Soft spoken, Moderately Artistic, she loves Socializing, Travelling, Trying New Cuisines, Experiencing new sports/Activities, meeting friends, laughter time. However, hates reading, Cricket, Movies, current affairs.

He shares- In 2011,she bought me a toy flute where you can play basic scale because she saw me excitingly play the only tune I knew ”Twinkle twinkle little star” in the toy shop. I started playing more small songs on toy flute very very badly to impress her. She recalls with their meagre resources she had to bargain down the price to gift him this blessing he desired.

Kausiks distinct memory is-One day after watching  Bollywood movie “ROCKSTAR”  my brother and friends on 11-11-11, and I were “sitting” on a forbidden mountain still in a daze, My brother started playing “E jo desh hai mera” at 75% speed. I was literally able to see the notes were moving up and down around a satisfying note. I just shrugged it off.

Bhargavi plays wonderful Veena. I once asked what are notes, and I played my regular “Twinkle twinkle” on veena too. Something clicked in me about music -that music has a home note and the tune is all about how you take the tune out of home, increase tension and how to resolve it by bringing back to home note. I started listening to all Rahman songs and I started understanding what is it that makes me tick. I started to deeply analyse every Rahman song. My room-mate Nepal and my brother Aggu gifted me a basic Casio, I’m sure that was to stop my bleeding of their ears with my toy flute.

One day in Sameera Bharadwaj’s(Sis-in-law) house, first time I touched a real keyboard, where Eureka- I was able to play many tunes just out of this new realization that dawned on me. I returned home, put a big playlist of AR Rahman, started jamming with Rahman directly. Each song was in different root and scale, by the time playlist ended in 2 hours, I was comfortable playing in all scales and keys and ragas-Indian classical and Western classical. I was set free, my creativity was unshackled-It felt like this is what I want-a fulfillment in playing my favourite Rahman tunes. Slowly I realised I was able to play some basic tunes on many instruments like real flute and violin too.

Bhargavi loves guitar, so I tried surprising her by learning off of guitar for our “love anniversary”. During learning, First time I composed a song on her from my heart and my feelings. Then I started studying more about music, composing, performing, orchestrating, expression, modulation, counterpoint, harmony.

I delivered my first commercial composed BGM for an Advertisement on karate in 2012. 

After much ado over inter caste marriage, we got married. I moved to US from Chennai as a Business Intelligence consultant in 2014, where while working on Tesla motors client site, on manufacturing datawarehouse and BI, I started composing tunes to express my loneliness without her in an unknown land. Then she finally joined me, my wife and partner came..

Luckily I was a lone wolf in my job-project where I did not need to maintain an offshore team, which gave me time for my music. I created one solid architected data warehouse, and automated all mundane tasks; it was a breeze for me for 3 years since it became the best design at the same time required very little maintenance, with ease of adding more blocks. Being an Electrical Engineer, I started understanding the sound mixing and synth creation more efficiently. This is one place where my engineering degree really helped me in exploring music fast.

We had the most beautiful honeymoon in USA for almost 4 years, during which I matured in composing more short films, Indie movie trailers and private ads. We started saving up by living low in a small but beautiful condo in Fremont, USA. I started accumulating all licensed original soft wares, sample libraries

Then Arjun was born.

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During this, OSHO happened to me, and my spiritual journey took me on a different high. He made me realise my missing pieces, and my speed of learning rocketed into new creative genres. I love playing with small kids, all kids in our apartment complex used to play in my house banging on my instruments, drawing sketch pen paintings and playing. They called me Music uncle-during this, I realised all kids are instantaneously good at playing music-everyone. From my realization the best way to learn anything fast is to jam with professionals. Like a kid learns a language by jamming with us, the professionals, not by learning ABCD first. Luckily we all have enough music available to us already with which we can jam and enjoy music intensely.

And music is more primal to us than language. We recognize music patterns perfectly in our brain. This drove me to test this technique on multiple persons with positive results. Many people who strongly argued that they don’t have music in them were able to play many tunes out of their memory in matter of an hour. I saw that look of an excited child in everyone who when they realised that they too can play music, I somehow felt  like I solved world peace problem by increasing everyone’s’ inner

I really believe that if a person is able to express his emotions through music, he will be able to easily let go off the emotion to achieve bliss from playing music.

I started developing software to help with my compositions on python, to write counterpoint lines easier. It came out so well now that my software plays music along with a person in counterpoint -Its surreal, almost like jamming with an invisible partner. Bhargavi calls it his Eureka moment!!

So with my vision of spreading music, along with this software ready to release this year, a sense of maturity in musical compositions; production techniques, sight of Arjun’s smiling face, and my soulmate’s confidence, love and support behind me, I decided to call it quits in US, return to India to pursue my vision.

We started off knowing no one in Hyderabad, made our own song “THE RAGE OF SUNRISERS HYDERABAD” and released it through Telugu one.  

This song’s quality led me to another production house EG creations, to whom we made multiple music deliveries, currently coming as nenu sailaja tv serial in etv plus. 

We got an opportunity to score music for a web series..TAARA Chandran with Tamada media, which came out very well, we await the release.

We started a team called Timbre CHords, with Bhargavi

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as the backbone manager, my brother and I handle music, concept and lyrics, a team of male and female singers in Sahitya, Manoj and Additya. I want to take forward my vision of spreading music into every being through this page, also my yet to release software.  

Image may contain: 2 people, including Kausik Subrahmanya

Luckily Chandu Sai, of “Pakkinti kurradu” fame approached us for his short film on caste Reservations. This was a one day project and we delivered the whole song in a day, along with idea, composing, lyrics, singing, mixing. This video became a rage on youtube and was trending #7, with lot of positive appreciations for the background song.

Short film:

Lyrical video:  

The immediate week we repeated the same one day project off for Pawan kalyan as CEO short film for pakkinti kurradu. This garnered more thunderous response for the music. Currently trending #2 on youtube.

short film:  

I am currently co-writing a couple of web series and movie scripts with my brother Aghamarshan who is completely into our dream passion project now. Whatever I am today, or whatever songs I make, whatever stories I create with my brother, everything is just to impress my partner and show her my love every day in a new way.

Bhargavi wants their passion project to create jobs, provide peace, solace, comfort through their music, and she is excited for the world to use their software that will help layperson play music.

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Here is wishing once lost souls

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who together make melodious notes in life and otherwise-

Image may contain: 2 people, people playing musical instruments and guitar

a beautiful creative, musical journey ahead!! Cannot wait to see what unfolds ahead for them!! We are watching Kausik and Bhargavi!

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