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Brahmaastra for Peace — RupaRao-Ruminates

Brahmastra for Universal peace

When and how did we grant ourselves permission to be no more accepting of others around us within the family and outside? What gave us the right to be judgmental; critical; intolerant; and unaccepting?

Why is it the case that “I” in the individual and the “I-ness” in Ego are so humongous that we exclude to ostracize anyone who do not toe our line? Are we now a bona-fide community of bullies missing the big picture of progress that demands an inclusive society?

Our country was politically split by playing on divisive sentiments of “religious differences”. We continue to further break us down into smaller states to turn the once Tiger-Like glory of royal Bharat into pieces of “my region; my culture; my language; my cuisine; my politics”.  Myopic “my-ness” will be the doom of all we can dream of for  society and self.

Historically stalwarts; Elderly; mid aged; young girls and boys from poor; affluent; intellectual families joined the freedom-revolution to place our nation ahead of self. Leaders worked to improve our society; downtrodden, to restore the glory of plundered land invaded by aggressors, who misread the warm hospitality of locals with the credo of “Atithi devo bhava”!!

Elections are rigged, votes are bought, and fake news is a powerful tool to win seats of power. Leaders, politicians, businesses-owners, creative thinkers, artists, even non-profit charities, NGOs encourage family in the seat of power. Mostly up-liftment no longer is the main criteria; instead money making, material self- enrichment, creating a dynasty rule is a priority.

For us seeking no upheavals in our lives, what is the job of the common layperson? We listen to the bombardment of debating, insults-hurling, mudslinging panellists on media. We read and discuss at length the mind-boggling events; tragedies; horrors; atrocities; social “news”.

To change the nation; society or the direction of global avalanche of intolerance, we can start small.

  • Regardless of religion we practice or urge our family to stay within the confines of our marriages if it does not happen do we need to treat them as pariahs, or even lynch them?
  • Religious practices may differ within confines of a home, but outside of walls of a home why are we not more welcoming of our differences, instead of touting secularity as a display card?
  • If children at school; colleagues at work get along fine, why cannot the rest of the community? Why is society acting blood-thirsty; out to impose one’s own choice of religious; political; personal beliefs?
  • If someone dresses, eats, talks, behaves unlike self or to not of liking, can we find it within us to overlook, not get critical? Why are we minimizing their choices if we choose to be different?

If a rainbow had seven of same shade would it be the vivid VIBGYOR that fascinates imaginations? If a garden had but one blossom, however stunning, would it not be monotonously boring? If same meal was served everyday how much fun would it be?

We can start small – within family, friend circle, neighborhood, our vicinity. Each one of us has a choice to tolerate differences, reach out to the “different”; support their wars for acceptance. Every being has a cross to bear, has a journey with battles to fight. We could begin with kindness, a smile, encouragement, a listening ear, a helping hand, tolerance, and acceptance for family members, maids, delivery men, cleaners, sweepers, neighbors.

Small ripples of kindness from every home will create the transformational tide that sweeps our society into aiming at collective growth; progress; revolution that uplifts everyone.

Kindness, tolerance, acceptance are the Brahmastra (tools) that will catapult world-family into collective greatness of progress and universal peace.

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