If you treat me with respect
I’ll worship your feet
Treat me with disdain
You’ll be forced to retreat

I’m a treasure of love
Compassion and care
My trove is full
Of gems precious and rare

Goddess Durga

I’m beautiful and powerful
I’m complete within me
If you want me by your side
Love is the key

I can stand by you
Your soldier in need
I’m your friend, your partner
Your true love indeed

My gentleness is not my weakness
Nor my love a thing of lust
Show me you’re a gentleman
Earn my respect and my trust

I’m sacred and I know it
So never mess with me
Never incite my wrath
Or you’ll be a spectacle to see

Image result for navratri devi murti

I can give birth,I can create
I can destroy, I’m a weapon of fate
I’m your equal in more ways than one
In Heaven, on Earth and beyond this Sun

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