Literature, The Personal Touch

Hit and Run

Hit and run, abandoned by absconding driver

Left to die, she may have been a survivor

Young vibrant woman of age twenty two

Barely lived two decades plus years two

Obscure news blurb read she is from Princeton

Was she lost in thought at late hour of one?

Was she hopeful happy by herself on two feet?

Was she not scared walking to her end in the least?

Was she chasing dreams grooving to her drumbeat?

Did she experience crushes, dating, heartbreaks?

Was her bright light drying others tear tracks?

Was her touch balm to life’s painful cracks?

Did she touch lives with warmth, kindness?

Did she transform lives with mindfulness?

Did she desire to transport caged to freedom?

Did her hope-chest contain dreams of wisdom?

How did cruelty hit and run in cold abandon?

Why was she alone when breath did her shun?

She had family, she had home,

She had dreams, she had more

She loved, she hurt, she cried,

She gave, she cared, and she tried,

She was loved, she was cherished,

Girl, Balloons, Child, Happy, Out, Freedom, Person

Her life’s potential on cusp of full bloom

Tragically snatched away way too soon.

Why was promise of twenty two erased?

Life ebbed, why was she not saved?

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