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Drop dumb, Sizzle smart — RupaRao-Ruminates

What and how a prospective or current employer has access to look into your social, personal life? Tips on how to be prepared.

Drop dumb, Sizzle smart — RupaRao-Ruminates

Teens, tweens and adults today are blessed with easy access to amazing technology at finger tips. There are unlimited possibilities for its good use, fun use and then there is otherwise. Common for most is waste of hours meant for school; learning; chores; physical activities; in-person interactions, and precious family or social time. Leading short-nearsightedness on social media is posting of perceived fun times, excessive indulgences, racy, edgy, scary, offensive selfies. Prudent parents, teachers, friends, family need to educate tech savvy generation on “share over-drive” which has often led to losing a good job, possible great relationships, and many meaningful associations.

Prospective employers check out interviewees via resume, face time, in-person meeting for social cues through body-language. Checklist includes background verification; drug test; references, now add to it acceptable trend is to view social media posts by a potential hire. Naivete’, dumbness, ignorance are known to have cost a dream job or desired relationship or contract craved or much more.

Knowing Ying and yang of social media usage to further goals in life is mandated. There are fore-rightful posts that can show a person in positive light, information that encourages a prospective employer to make a hire. Some of them may include-

·       Charities (and extent of involvement)

·       Volunteering work (e.g.-serving at a soup kitchen)

·       Events impacting planet Earth

·       5k walks supporting fundraising

·       Pick causes close to heart e.g.-to save water, to reduce dependence on electricity

·       Marathons or half marathons participation(pushing limits)

·       Support orphanages

·       Visit old age homes

·       Support organizations with funds, time, services(reflects compassion)

·       Showcasing of acting, singing, painting, art, poetry, writing talent

·       Sports, athletic choices- (physical capabilities and prowess)

·       Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku or hobbies reflecting focus

·       Travels(new experiences, exposures to new cultures & countries round a personality )

Drop dumb, sizzle smart!!!

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