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Simple foods to shed stress

What possible foods can help to shed anxiety, stress in addition to medication or even completely without it if okayed by physician.

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What is Body Shaming?

The post was first published on Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. It is a mental health awareness initiative.

The post deals with the issue of body shaming. People have been at the receiving end of nasty comments and bullying for the way they are. But how do combat it? Have a read to get your answers.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

A lot of body shaming is disguised as unsolicited advice and comments.

‘Hey, you look too skinny!’

‘Look at her. She is so dark.

’‘Looking at you, it does not seem you are so and so old’.

‘You should go on a diet.’

Most of the time such statements are off the cuff and innocuous. They are made in jest in conversations, or out of concern. Alongside it, there are instances where people are deliberately shamed. The former is subtle, and the latter is vicious. Both contribute to creating an unhealthy view of an individual within their own mental space.

Acceptance is a difficult proposition to the victims of body shaming. Insecure about themselves, they search for normalcy in external behavior patterns, physical structure and body language of strangers. Later in solitude they stand in front of mirrors and project their insecurities on to the observed behaviors and body language…

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Talk to Someone, Lest t’is too late!!

Shocking suicide of young Sushant Singh Rajput felt like a personal loss. Everyone is chasing a routine, ratrace, rivalry, competition, winning, victory, happiness, material. STOP. Let us be kinder, pause and ask if the person next door, acquaintance, friend, loved one is well, happy and okay. It may save a life!!

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Casting Away Knowledge To Control The Narrative.

There is a sense of dismay at the information of demolition of historical buildings. But our historical learnings, texts, art and knowledge is being torn down bit by bit over centuries, yet we stand mute spectators. Programmed by the education system to have a sense of aversion to our history, we have let it happen. Now, it is time we say enough is enough! Cover Pic: Scienceteen