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What Can We Do?

What can I do?

Indian summer heat is scorching up the land, cattle, livestock, farmlands and people alike. Water scarcity is a major issue for this and future generations. Advertisements, talks, articles, education, awareness are trickling into daily life to be prudently green.

Cricket fever continues to grip avid followers of entire nation that lives by the players scores and rages at losses.

Exams are over, results are coming out and families are rejoicing or grieving or punishing students for performance and grades. Admissions and career paths are being debated, disagreed upon and being finalized.

Modi makes a resounding comeback again causing all kinds of jubilant slogans. Added to it is amazing victory by Smriti Irani toppling Gandhi clan from Amethi.

While life unfolds at its pace, somewhere along the line are we as people losing compassion? Are we as a nation symbolic of being non-inclusive, more entitled, plain apathetic to human pain and sufferings so long as our lives are untouched by ripples?

Why does a son who unexpectedly lost his mother, the sole surviving parent, have to single handedly carry her body alone to cremate? Where is compassion; humanity; community; support system among anyone in the picture? Is this the moment to raise ugly heads of class; caste; privilege?

Image result for odisha boy carries dead mother

In the elite AIIMS with best treatment, a common man does not know how to register is forced to stand in Queue and lost his suffering child begging for help. Why? Where are people to help such already anxious, scared family members in such situations? Why is help not provided first and then formalities taken care of?

Delayed justice equals justice denied. An economically backward youth is trying for years to clear his name who was falsely accused. He neither can find a job or a wife. He seeks to find justice before his parents pass. Where is guidance and help for such individuals?

Scan any publication and there are enough stories of silent spectatorship which is how Hitler led a country of decent Germans carry out atrocities in the name of Aryan supremacy.

We often ask-what can I do?

Jump in where possible to help each other, especially the ones who need a hand to tide over that moment of seemingly unsurmountable moment of pain.

Reach out to anyone who can lend support. Create voluntary groups of likeminded individuals; believe one person CAN make a difference. Start small, create awareness, talk about possibilities, no effort is too small. Use network, platforms you have access to, make a dent.  Reach out to authorities and ask what can be done? Send letters and petitions to PMO and his representatives. We are the reason they are in office.

Please let us not be silent spectators and let atrocities, perpetrators get away when we can act to make a difference. Make it more about creating a better world than about photo-op and publicity. Though please allow yourself to shamelessly promote anything that brings awareness, help and shines light on issues that need to be tackled.

Let us not wait for tragedy to touch our lives and loved ones because we let it slide when it destroyed lives of others and we were silent.

2 thoughts on “What Can We Do?”

  1. After repeated sensationalised coverage of cases of medical apathy on news channels, this condition became another of those social ills that society has got accustomed to. It did not provoke my thought or conscience until I read this today.


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