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American Exceptionalism Is A Continuation of Colonial Mindset

Decolonisation as a concept has succeded only on the map. However, it has failed to materialise as a concept in thinking, ideology and policy. The past colonial powers and America the force that shaped the fate of the world wars continued to exploit other nations and shape their destiny. Post the second world war, the US with its stature in geopolitics took on the mantle of colonialism as an extension of foreign policy.

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Nero’s Guests Keeping The Farmers Downtrodden

The agriculture sector in India missed the bus in 1991. It has made it hard for the Indian farmer to compete in the global market. The polices adopted by global bodies, the decisions taken by the governments only make the situation worse and the media barely covers it. P Sainath likens the people involved in the process to Nero's Guests. This write up is a gist of the various facets of the agricultural distress covered in the documentary. Cover Image Source: Mint

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An Account On Modern Day Terrorism

Poverty is an outcome of terrorism not a precursor to it. As it is often pointed out. Studying the advent of terrorism in different parts of the globe: Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, and Syria; there is a similar pattern that led to terrorism getting entrenched in the region. Cover Image:

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The Absence of Rahul Gandhi is Aiding the Opposition

Rahul Gandhi- loved by meme creators and trollers. Disparagingly called the star performer of the ruling BJP. His foot in mouth statements often cement his perception of an immature politician. After 2019, he has taken a sabbatical of sorts. And it is working wonders for the Opposition.

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The Delusions of Kashmiri Political Parties

In the aftermath of Pulwama, the Indian government has begun to walk the talk on terrorism. This clampdown on terrorism seems to have ruffled the feathers of Kashmiri political leaders. To secure their votebank and ensure their survival, they have fallen back on the tried and tested method of blackmailing the government. But do their threats hold good?


Is The Opposition Creating a Banana Republic ?

The Opposition accuses the government of destroying constitutional institutions. But they attack those very institutions when the decisions are not in their favour. In this tussle for power is the opposition doing what it is accusing the government of ?