Literature, People and Society

Is it too soon?

  • Why are you mortified honey?
  • My caustic words are not funny
  • White knuckled from your drug trips many
  • Years,
  • Three decades I’m more than a standby
  • Hopeful of drug free future coming by
  • Waiting,
  • I stood helpless as your forays got bolder
  • Emotionally riding rocky roller coaster
  • I cajoled,
  • I cried, I pleaded, I went to Al Anon
  • I did counselling to fix me like a moron
  • Lost,
  • Frustrated, helpless I smashed things
  • I chiseled away at self- esteem wings
  • I tried,
  • I tried to appease
  • I tried to please
  • I tried prayer
  • I tried spiritual healer
  • I worked to be no enabler
  • Am I?
  • Am I giving up much too soon?
  • After 3 decades of full moon
  • When?
  • When do I let go?
  • When do I say you go?
  • Why do I feel guilty I got to go?
  • To live years sans your ego
  • Oh…
  • To spend a day not walking on egg shells
  • Will you know I love you, I wish you well?
  • Do
  • I pray in vain for your clear fogless day?
  • When drugs for good you pack away
  • May
  • you grow truly fulfilled to stay tox free
  • May yours breathe relief you’re TRULY free!!

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