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Cycling and social distancing

Barely Wise

With India slowly coming out of the Lockdown phase, I could no longer hold myself at home. And no, I’m not talking about running to my friends’ place and chill with people outside the confines of my home. Instead, I filled up the tubes of the tyres of my cycle, strapped on my helmet, reinstalled Strava, forgot charging my Action camera and mounted my phone on my cycle and pedalled in the direction away from my home while being a responsible citizen keeping the norms of social distancing in mind.

The sun, hidden behind the clouds at the horizon provided the most comfortable weather to cycle. I cycled aimlessly through the empty morning streets trying my best not to ride over tails of Buffaloes that have been subletting the streets for over two months with no concept of social distancing whatsoever. My muscles screamed in pain, for they seemed rusted…

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What’s cycling 200 Kilometres in 2 days like?

Barely Wise

Are you insane?
Why don’t you just pick up a bike?
Doesn’t it hurt?
Is it even worth it?

After a long ride, I believe that your cycle needs rest (A win-win situation where your muscles can rest and you get a nice pic)

Before I begin, I’d love to thank you for being a victim of a click-bait!
This post comes up after I cycled 194.3 Km in 48 hours. Not much of a difference though, I just didn’t feel like lying especially in my first post (not that I’m okay lying anywhere else.)

The ride began from the Santa Maria Hostel, in Fort Kochi on my first solo travel trip (I’m not from Kochi, if it wasn’t obvious), and got onto the Ferry to Vypin island where I had turned on the GPS to a certain beach and avoided the path recommended by Google because I…

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