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Pakistan Unmasking Itself As a Terror State?

In the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack, India retaliated by hitting the terror camps of the responsible terror organisation located within Pakistani territory. But Pakistan retaliated against this trying to bomb Indian military installations. These actions of Pakistan do not substantiate its claims of being a victim or terror. Or has it shed its mask?


Is The Opposition Creating a Banana Republic ?

The Opposition accuses the government of destroying constitutional institutions. But they attack those very institutions when the decisions are not in their favour. In this tussle for power is the opposition doing what it is accusing the government of ?


FIFA Comes To India

India previously has had played host to multilateral sporting events. We have hosted the Asian Games twice. The inaugural edition in 1951 and the 9th edition in 1982, both in New Delhi. In 2010, India also hosted the 19th Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. But what's happening now is a big leap ahead from it.… Continue reading FIFA Comes To India