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Negligence Is Raising Costs In The Fight Against Coronavirus

The Wuhan Coronavirus has become a pandemic. It has become a crisis of gargantuan proportions. But could the virus have been nipped in the bud? In the current scenario, are people doing enough to control the spread of the virus? Read to find out.

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India’s Overhaul of the Transportation Sector is Moving at a Snail’s Pace

India has some of the most polluted cities on the planet. An overhaul of the transportation sector can reduce the presence of toxic substances in the air. The government is work on it. But is it working at a pace fast enough to combat the evils of pollution and climate change?

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Why is The Citizenship (Amendment) Act Stoking Fire?

In the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act, protests broke out. Police action at Jamia saw it spread across the country. The police say the students are innocent. If so, who instigated the violence? Who is behind the incidents of vandalism and arson? Pic Credit: Fusion-WeRIndia


India to Host First Day-Night Test at Eden Gardens

Source: India to Host First Day-Night Test at Eden Gardens The Indian Cricket Team and the BCCI traditionally have taken time to accept the changing trends in World cricket. Be it the advent of the T-20 format of the game or the DRS, India shied away from them. Even with the latest Day-Night Tests, India… Continue reading India to Host First Day-Night Test at Eden Gardens

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How Dare You?

Greta Thunberg, climate activist, in the last week gave an emotional speech 'How Dare You' pressurising world leaders and governments to do more against climate change. She has inspired students around the world to get their voice about their futures heard. But her message to PM Modi I felt was without knowledge of developments in India. This is my view on India's position and turning the question back on her. (Please do check out the tweet).


World Cup 2019: A Damp Start and a Few Upsets

Source: World Cup 2019: A Damp Start and a Few Upsets 10 brilliant teams, 48 matches, 11 iconic grounds! With the heavyweights of international pitted against each other in the initial matches, cricket lovers across the world for salivating for an intense start to the ICC World Cup 2019. Alas, the beginning to the tournament… Continue reading World Cup 2019: A Damp Start and a Few Upsets

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Pakistan Unmasking Itself As a Terror State?

In the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack, India retaliated by hitting the terror camps of the responsible terror organisation located within Pakistani territory. But Pakistan retaliated against this trying to bomb Indian military installations. These actions of Pakistan do not substantiate its claims of being a victim or terror. Or has it shed its mask?