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Embarking On A New Journey

Hello everyone,

In the present month I have not been quite visible with my posts on Critilizers. Blogging has held me in good stead in my difficult times and has shaped me in my better times. I began the journey of blogging trying to vent my feelings. In the process, I found my calling.

Tripping along the path I stumbled upon writing. I initially berated myself as I was unable to write fiction. Wading through my thoughts, I figured my niche of writing about current affairs and politics.

On the journey I created a couple of blogs along the way. My first blog I created was called ‘Aspire!’. It was a reflection of aspirations of showcasing my talent in writing. It set me off onto my destiny!

Along the way there have been both successes and setbacks. My first tryst with a serious topic was a contest being sponsored by the online portal ‘Youth Ki Awaaz’. In my excitement and complacency I sent in a completely unresearched article on farming distress.

Uninitiated to the world of blogging, I set up a new blog just for my travel travails. I consider that article I have written on that blog ‘The Mystic Roads’ to be one of my better works. But it has been the only work on the blog.

In the age where I had given up on engineering and was ghosting through classes; my school friends once again got introduced into my life. Meeting them was an inflection point in my life. We together set up ‘The Critilizers’.

Going at the rate of an article a month in our initial days, did not help matters. Couple of months later, we went on a sabbatical. It became quite a long one. I got back to writing in December 2018. In the meantime, I was battling out my personal demons. I had almost given up on life. Finding my mental fortitude I gave myself one more chance.

Turning over a new leaf, I took my plunge into writing and blogging. To take control of my life back, I had to make some bold decisions. In a string of such decisions I decided to drop out from my course of engineering in my fourth year. And I decided to pursue my dream of getting into the world of media.

This week I will be taking my first steps to embark on my journey into the world of media. I have a list of entrance tests lined up for me beginning this week. The past few weeks I have been busy preparing myself for these tests. As a result there has been a slight drop in content.

I hope to comeback to writing before the Indian elections end. I also hope I get into the university of my choice.

Wish me luck! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Embarking On A New Journey”

  1. You are wished your dream realization and success to live your passion!!! Im privileged and proud to take a few steps with you in your journey… of luck young man!!


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