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An Account On Modern Day Terrorism

Poverty is an outcome of terrorism not a precursor to it. As it is often pointed out. Studying the advent of terrorism in different parts of the globe: Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, and Syria; there is a similar pattern that led to terrorism getting entrenched in the region. Cover Image:


The Wide Net of Chinese Surveillance is Shrinking

Huawei and 5G. The tools and means of global surveillance for China. That dream has come crashing down as the pandemic crashed economies around the world. The antics of Chinese diplomats crashed the goodwill it enjoyed and now ban on Chinese products is in the pipeline. The dream of controlling the world through data control is just a pipedream. Image Source: Washington Post


Book summary- IKIGAI

Yukari Mitsuhashi did a good job in decoding the traditional Japanese concept of embodying happiness in human lives. It is unfortunate that there isn’t a lot of work on Japanese tradition and lifestyle in foreign languages. ‘Ikigai’ addresses this issue by presenting Mitsuhashi’s research on the key concepts in the Japanese lifestyle of the same… Continue reading Book summary- IKIGAI